The heart of our global trade business

Using our seprated componies we supply, produce, develop and market multiple lines of products in more than six different industries including food and beverages, electronics and electrical instruments, cellphones and gadgets, plastics, construction and building Materials, beauty healthcare and cosmetic, and etc.

Product Development

Taking into account the requirements of our customers and the specific markets we aim for, we conceive, develop, and manufacture a variety of product lines, with a particular emphasis on the food and beverages sector.

Market Development

Our partners provide us with a profound understanding of our target market, enabling us to swiftly and efficiently introduce new products to these markets. This is why we continuously pursue new ideas and opportunities.


Within certain product categories, we've established robust distribution channels, bolstered by our advantageous supply chain network, providing us a competitive edge. This is precisely why we leverage this network to introduce new products.

Food and Beverages

  • Market-specific packaging and white label
  • Product development in processed food
  • Domestic brand development

Electrical Instruments and electronics

  • Supplying electrical measuring instruments from Japan
  • Fulfilling precise instrument requirements as per requests from EPC companies.
  • Supplying robotics and automation devices from Germany
  • Delivering electronic devices and gadgets to the local consumer market.

Beauty healthcare and Cosmetic

  • Supplying cosmetic products from China and Europe
  • Supplying health beauty products from Korea
  • Distributing cosmetic products in multiple countries

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Our primary focus revolves around emerging electronic gadgets, innovative beauty healthcare, and cosmetic items, as well as novel construction and building materials.